I hold a Master of Arts in Dance and a
 previous education in Political science from Paris 8 University, where I specialized in critical and feminist dance pedagogy. Currently I am pursuing my studies in dance and dance didactics at the Stockholm University of the Arts (Dans och Cirkushögskolan). I teach Argentine tango, dance improvisation & creative/contemporary dance in different contexts - such as adult educational associations, primary-, municipal- and independent art schools. My interdisciplinary background in between the Arts and Social Sciences has led me to develop a special interest in connecting dance with social/political issues. Firstly this shows in my longterm engagement working with dance in queer- and feminist contexts. Such as for the feminist association Kvinnohöjden, queertango communities in Paris & Stockholm and as a founding teacher-member of TangoQueerer Stockholm. Secondly this interest has led me into a new collaboration with Mälardalen University, where I recently started to co-develop and conduct arts-based workshops - using tools from creative dance to explore sustainability from a posthumanist perspective.