I hold a Master of Arts in Dance and a
 Bachelor in Political science from Paris 8 University, where I specialized in Feminist dance pedagogy. Currently I am pursuing my studies in dance (creative/contemporary, improvisation & choreography) and dance didactics at the Stockholm University of the Arts (Dans och Cirkushögskolan). I teach Argentine Tango, Dance-Improvisation and Creative-Contemporary dance within adult educational associations, primary school and at the Stockholm Community School of Music and Arts (Kulturskolan).

My interdisciplinary background in between the Arts and Social Sciences has led me to develop a special interest in connecting dance with social/political issues, on both practical and theoretical levels.
Firstly this shows in my longterm engagement working with dance in queer- and feminist contexts - such as for the feminist association/course- and guesthouse Kvinnohöjden and queertango communities in Paris & Stockholm. Secondly this interest has led me into a new collaboration with Mälardalen University, where I recently started to co-develop art-based workshops, using tools from creative dance to explore sustainability.