I hold a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts degree in Dance from Paris 8 University, where I specialized in norm-critical and feminist dance pedagogy in the field of Argentine tango.
Currently I continue to study dance (creative/contemporary, improvisation & choreography) and dance didactics at the Stockholm University of the Arts (Dans och Cirkushögskolan) and at the Stockholm University College of Music Education (Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut).
I teach Argentine tango, improvisation and creative/contemporary dance - within adult educational associations, primary school and at the Stockholm Community School of Music and Arts (Kulturskolan). 

I started teaching different social dances with a gender/queer pedagogic approach in 2010 within popular education, feminist- & LGBTQ community contexts in Sweden - such as at the Swedish Federation for LGBTQI Rights (RFSL) and at the feminist course- & guesthouse Kvinnohöjden.

Through my interdisciplinary background in between the Social Sciences and the Arts, I have developed a special interest in participative methods and queer & gender-theoretical perspectives in dance(education), as well as in researching dance as a tool for personal and social transformation.

I practice the Argentine tango since 2011 and had my tango training mainly in Paris but also in Sweden and Buenos Aires - with teachers such as Sandrine Navarro, Gisela Passi & Rodrigo Rufino, Brigitta Winkler, La Academia Tango Milonguero & DNI Tango Stockholm. Between 2014-2019 I was active in the collective Tango Queer Paris - mainly as DJ and organizer of queer tango classes, practicas and milongas.

Since 2019 I give both-role tango classes
, as well as classes in leading for followers and following for leaders in Stockholm. In 2020 I co-initiated
Milonga Queerida (more info at www.tangoqueerer.se).



Teaching in Argentine Tango & Social Dances

Feminist Organization
Kvinnohöjdens feministiska kurs- och gästgård, Borlänge/Sweden
Adult Education Center ABF Stockholm/Sweden
Adult Education Center Studieförbundet Bilda, Stockholm/Sweden
Folk High School Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden
Stockholm City Theatre Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm/Sweden
Feminist Organization Kvindekurser (Kvindehøjskolen), Visby/Denmark
LGBTQI Rights Federation RFSL Stockholm/Sweden
Folk High School Fårösunds folkhögskola, Gotland/Sweden
House of Culture Blå stället, Gothenburg/Sweden
Tango Organizations Tango Queer Paris/France, Tango Norte & Tango BeGeer, Stockholm & Norrköping/Sweden
Cultural Association Mas Amigos, Torrevieja/Spain

Teaching in Various Dance Styles for Children & Youth with emphasis on
Creative/Contemporary Dance

Community School of Music and Arts Kulturskolan, Stockholm/Sweden

Primary School Entréskolan, Stockholm/Sweden
Sports Association Sweden Sports Academy


2019- Today
Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH):

Contemporary Dance Didactics (30*), Choreography (7.5), Dance for Children and Youth (7.5), The Choreographic Process for and with Children and Youth (7.5).

Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI):

Creative Dance 1-3 (30. ongoing).

Master of Arts - Dance. Université Paris 8/France (120)
Thesis: Feminist Pedagogies in Dance (original language french)
Areas of study: Movement analysis & somatic studies, analysis of corporeal practices, dance theory and history, choreographic aesthetics, arts- and practice-based research.

Intensive Introduction course to Laban Movement Analysis - Effort/Shape. Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris/France  

Bachelor of Political Science - Political Sociology and Discrimination. Université Paris 8/France (180)
Dramatic Arts. University of Södertörn, Stockholm/Sweden (60)  
Fine Arts Education. Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden (1 year)

*university credits