The Argentine tango invites to be fully present in the moment, to listen to and communicate with the body. Thus the tango can also constitute a frame for self-exploration, self-knowledge and growth. In my tango-classes we work with tango-technique & repertoar, partnering and musicality. Sometimes in combination with improvised movement & tools from creative dance - in order to deepen movement qualities and dynamics, creativity, body- & kinesthetic awareness.

I practice tango since 2011 and had my tango training mainly in Paris, and with teachers such as Sandrine Navarro, Gisela Passi & Rodrigo Rufino, Maria Filali, Brigitta Winkler, DNI Tango Stockholm among many others. Between 2014-2019 I was active in the collective Tango Queer Paris - mainly as organizer of queer tango classes, practicas and milongas. Since 2019 I give both-role tango classes, as well as classes in leading for followers and following for leaders in Stockholm in collaboration with tango teacher Malin Backström.

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Creative dance meets tango - new course spring 2022

Creative dance is about improvising and experimenting with movement as a means of communication and artistic expression. In Creative dance we work with concepts that exist in all dance styles - body, space, time & dynamics - that we explore through guided and playful improvisation tasks. From there we compose dance individually and together with others.

In this course we will thus approach the tango from different themes - such as body parts, stillness, dynamic qualities - and also familiarize with some choreographic tools. The aim of the course is to create space for both personal exploration and creative co-creation. When we explore movement- patterns & possibilities we learn about ourselves, and at the same time we develop expressive abilities that can enrich our tango dancing.

Previous knowledge in - Creative dance: No Tango: Basic

Time: Thuesdays 19.15-20.45, 6 ggr v.3-8 2022

Place: Hälsans hus (Fjällgatan 23B)

Inscription & more info: henny.stridsberg@gmail.com

Henny has studied Creative Dance at Danshögskolan and Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut.