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2022-2023. The Modern/Contemporary Dance Programme. Balettakademien, Stockholm/Sweden (1 year). Program focus: intensive training in contemporary dance, improvisation and ballet.  
Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH): Contemporary dance didactics (30*), Choreography (7.5), Dance-didactics & the choreographic process for and with children and youth (15), Klein technique (7.5). Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI): Creative dance 1 (10), Creative dance 2 - dance in collaboration with other disciplines (10), Creative dance 3 - choreography, body & identity (10). Sustainability in pedagogic perspective through artistic processes (7.5, LiU).

2016-2018. Master of Arts - Dance. Université Paris 8/France (120). Thesis: Feminist Pedagogies in Dance (original language French). Areas of study: movement analysis & somatic studies, analysis of corporeal practices, dance theory and history, choreographic aesthetics, arts- and practice-based research. Intensive Introduction course to Laban Movement Analysis (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris/France).

2013-2016. Bachelor in Political sociology and discrimination. Université Paris 8/France (180).
2010-2011. Dramatic Arts. University of Södertörn, Stockholm/Sweden (1 year).

2009-2010. Fine Arts Education. Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden (1 year).

2007-2009. Aesthetic Program Fine Arts & Design. Södra Latin Upper Secondary School, Stockholm/Sweden.  

*university credits 



Creative Dance & Sustainability. Mälardalen University, Västerås & Eskilstuna/Sweden (Co-responsible for developing and conducting arts-based workshops within the bachelor course Sustainability. 2021-).

Argentine Tango & Social Dances. Stockholm University of the Arts/DOCH (Tango classes for the student union. 2022). Feminist Organization Kvinnohöjdens feministiska kursgård, Borlänge/Sweden (Dance workshop facilitator. 2010-). Adult Education Center ABF Stockholm/Sweden (Tango classes. 2019-). TangoQueerer & Adult Education Center Studieförbundet Bilda, Stockholm/Sweden (Tango classes. 2019-). Folk High School Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden (Tango classes. 2019). Stockholm City Theatre Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm/Sweden (Tango workshop for actors. 2019). Feminist Organization Kvindekurser (Kvindehøjskolen), Visby/Denmark (Various couple dances workshop. 2016). LGBTQ Rights Federation RFSL Stockholm/Sweden (QueerSalsa classes. 2010-2012). Folk High School Fårösunds folkhögskola, Gotland/Sweden (Salsa & Lindyhop workshop. 2011). House of Culture Blå stället, Gothenburg/Sweden (Salsa workshop. 2011). Tango communities/organizations: Tango Queer Paris/France (Tango classes. 2014, 2017), Tango Norte, Stockholm/Sweden (Tango workshops. 2019, 2021), Tango BeGeer, Norrköping/Sweden (Tango workshops. 2020, 2022) & Connect with Joy, Gothenburg/Sweden (Tango workshops. 2022).  

Creative Dance for Children & Youth. Community School of Music and Arts Kulturskolan, Stockholm/Sweden (2020-). Primary School Entréskolan, Stockholm/Sweden (2020-)Feminist Dance School VIVA Dans & Teater, Stockholm/Sweden (2022).




  • Stridsberg, H forth coming, ”Samtal om feministisk pedagogik och tango på Kvinnohöjden”, chapter in members' anthology celebrating the 30th anniversary of Kvinnohögskolegruppen.
  • Stridsberg, H., Backström, M., Bruzzone, S. 2021. The Double Role Tango Movement in Sweden: A Queer and/or Feminist Project?. In: Bachelor, R., Havmoller B., Plaschinski, M. eds. Queer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World. [Online]. Birthe Havmoller /, pp. 65-95. Download as ePub or PDF here:
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  • Book review (Bruzzone, S, Stridsberg, H) Berner, B., Dussauge, I. eds. 2014. Sex, body and materiality. French perspectives on gender studies. Arkiv Verlas förlag. In Tecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, 2016, 7 (2), pp. 178-181.



Swedish (Mother tongue), French (Fluent), English (Fluent), Italian (Basic)